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Introducing Freshmen Students to the Campus Map

Arguably one of the most significant for many young adults, the “college experience” brings with it its own fair share of challenges and rewards. One of the most difficult tasks for entering freshmen is the back to school basics – mana
ging an intimidating list of  “must-do” items before setting foot into a classroom on the first day of the semester. With dorm shopping lists, class schedules, tuition payment plans and a variety of orientation events looming, most freshmen forget to focus their attention on one incredibly important back to school basics task: learning their way around the college campus.

Although many students take it for granted that friends and campus maps are easily available for consultation, it’s all too common that entering freshmen have difficulty navigating the myriad of offices, classrooms, buildings and other facilities located around their campus. Unfortunately, many students aren’t aware of the wide array of helpful resources available to them on campus, simply because they haven’t taken the time to find them! With that in mind, here are four must-visit locations on any college campus which freshmen students can directly benefit from during their first year of college!

Campus Map Destination #1: The Campus Bookstore


Don’t be fooled – most campus bookstores stock much more than just textbooks. On college campuses today, students can purchase school supplies, various software and hardware technology, books, clothing, and more at the bookstore. Even if textbook purchases aren’t required for coursework, students may find that the campus bookstore is a convenient destination for any additional items they may need to obtain for their daily academic life, saving them valuable time that they would have spent traveling to retail outlets off-campus. Campus bookstores are often clearly indicated on maps and other student guides, making this an easy-to-find location for entering freshmen!

Campus Map Destination #2: The Health Center

Particularly in situations where freshmen students are living far from home, the health center is a critical element of a successful college experience. Here, students can benefit from convenient access to doctors and other medical professionals who can assist them with a wide array of health-related issues. For those students who have moved to a new city for their collegiate studies or who do not have easy access to transportation in order to locate an off-campus doctor, the on-campus health center will prove invaluable! We highly recommend that students locate and highlight the location of the health center on their online college maps or traditional printed maps during their first few days on campus!

Campus Map Destination #3: The Student Union

Often considered the cultural “heart” of the college campus, the student union is a one-stop source of food, entertainment and a variety of other beneficial resources. Incoming students who have yet to develop social connections with their classmates may benefit from the many organized activities which often take place here. Student unions are also an excellent location to seek out both on-campus and off-campus employment opportunities, for those who may be interested! For those examining their college maps, the student union is often centrally located, helping to establish it as the “hub” of on-campus activity.

Campus Map Destination #4: The Library

In an era when virtually every textbook can be read or browsed online, what need will freshmen students have for the library? Simply put, the college library is absolutely invaluable for those students who require a quiet, easy-to-access location for studying at times when other alternatives may not be available (e.g. roommates are sleeping, dorms are overly noisy, etc.). Many freshmen students are often surprised at how much time they spend in the library during their first year on campus! For some, the library remains an indispensable resource throughout their entire college career, regardless of the courses they are enrolled in or the location they choose to live. Much like the student union, the library is typically located towards the center of the college campus. Students should also take note that various niche or specialized libraries may also be available which cater to their particular subject material, such as medicine, engineering, fine art, etc. Taking the time to locate these libraries on a college map or campus guide will allow students to tackle their studies head-on from their first day of studies!

Making the Most of Your Interactive Campus Map

Whether it’s the first time on campus as a freshmen or transfer student, or another year in the journey towards graduation, we highly recommend encouraging students to familiarize themselves with details of their campus map. In the event of an emergency, students can use the knowledge they’ve gained from their college map to seek out help, evacuate or assist other students as needed.

We wish all incoming students the best of luck for a fabulous year ahead!

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