Is your business struggling to find the right employees you need? Are you seeking a solution to handle the current labor shortage? Many business owners are perplexed. Why does it seem so difficult to recruit job candidates?

Some workers transferred to new career roles recently. Consumer needs changed and many people had more time available to search for jobs that were a better fit for their lifestyle and interests.

But those aren’t the only reasons quitting one’s job definitely seems to be trending. How can businesses address the problem of finding enough workers to fill open positions during a labor shortage?

Employer brand and image building can grab the attention of the right recruits. Empowerment and engagement of employees after onboarding is needed to retain retail workers post-pandemic, according to noted leaders from the retail world.

Sign-on bonuses aren’t the only thing important to prospective employees. They want to be valued and respected. They want to work for businesses that give them a good feeling. Furthermore, they want to know where the companies that employ them are heading, what the future holds, whether the work culture aligns with their culture.

What Are Creative Recruitment Techniques?

Creative recruitment techniques with a focus on employer branding can bring people on board and ensure they won’t jump ship. So can empowering job seekers and staff members through interactions that are courteous and respectful. Here are some thoughts on every stage of attracting and retaining quality employees for your workplace.


Update Your Employer Brand

Employee recruitment is becoming more like marketing. Your company’s brand, culture, and values, as well as the reputation and features of its products or services, can make all the difference in your ability to attract top applicants.

Many in today’s workforce want to become a part of companies that stand for the values they consider essential. A company’s brand and reputation are as important to many as top pay.

Check out the following statistics.

  •  75% of active job seekers are likely to apply to a job if the employer actively manages its employer brand.

  • A strong employer brand can reduce the cost per hire by as much as 50%, and a negative reputation can cost a company as much as 10% more per hire.

You’ll spend less money on cost per hire if you effectively build and market your employer brand. So make certain to focus on defining your brand as it applies to your company as a preferred employer.

Spread Your Brand’s Image Across Social Media

Here is another eye-opening excerpt:

  •  68% of Millennials, 54% of Gen-Xers, and 48% of Boomers indicated they visit an employer’s social media properties specifically to evaluate the employer’s brand.

Making your brand known across various social media channels is a step toward success in handling the labor shortage. But every goal requires a plan.  Using the power of social media to amplify your employer brand  requires a series of steps:

  • Promoting organic voices within your company.
  • Taking a narrative approach to telling your applicant’s story.
  • Demonstrating and communicating collaboration and organizational culture within your teams.


Compose Searchable, Understandable, Job Descriptions

Writing an effective job description is key for connecting the right candidate with the most appropriate position. Compose your job title and descriptions with the same wording someone searching for that position would typically use.

Some employers post jobs titles that are company-specific, rather than the industry standard. That’s okay, but you must include industry-standard terms in the description, This way, the job posting is SEO-friendly for searches by applicants familiar with the requirements of the position.

Make Your Website Easy to Navigate – Maybe Create a Webpage for Applicant Research

Most of today’s prospective applicants will visit your website first to find out as much information as possible about your company. The more USEFUL INFORMATION is included on your website, including details about company culture, the less likely prospective employees will check out reviews on Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and other sites where past employees often post undeserved derogatory reviews.

Making your company easily and thoroughly researchable facilitates the attraction of the type of people you want working for you. Including information about the job application process, how long it takes, what to expect, eliminates some uncertainties job seekers often experience. 25% of candidates withdrew from the recruiting process because the process took too long. 50% withdrew because they felt their time was wasted.

Create Engagement by Communicating Freely With Job Candidates

Studies have shown that empathetic communication makes candidates speak more positively of a company. It makes them more likely to reapply if they were not hired the first time they apply.

If possible, let the applicant know upfront how the interview process will progress. How many rounds of interviews will there be? Can they expect to hear from you between each?

Communicate Freely Throughout a Speedy Evaluation Process

It is vital to be empathetic, transparent, and communicative to your candidates throughout the application process. Be honest about every aspect of the job’s details. The more accurate the company information an applicant receives, the more certain he or she can be that the job is the one meant for them.

Don’t Hesitate – Evaluate Then Promptly Choose from Your List of Candidates

Move as quickly as you can once you decide to hire. Otherwise, companies that complete the process more promptly will have the upper hand with hiring.

Moving quickly to hire doesn’t have to mean overlooking important candidate details. Have a checklist in mind, listing the qualities of the perfect candidate for each position. Stay focused during the interview process. Notify the applicant immediately when a decision has been completed.


Don’t leave prospective employees in the lurch

As soon as you decide you want an applicant on your team, tell them ASAP.  It’s great to break the good news to a job prospect you love and whom you want to be certain to have on your team. It creates goodwill if you let an applicant know they were accepted immediately.

If They Didn’t Make the Cut – They Will Appreciate Prompt Notification

Conversely, let them know in a timely manner if you do NOT want them on your team.

No one appreciates waiting for the results of the interview process. Candidates want to know about hiring decisions as soon as they are completed, even if they didn’t make the cut. It’s a courtesy that allows the candidate to move on rather than wasting time in limbo.

More than one applicant for a position may be suitable for company employment. You may wish for the ones who didn’t make it this time, to apply again. And, respectful treatment during the interview process will likely prompt an applicant to speak well of your company, helping to spread your positive employer branding message.

If Another Position Seems More Appropriate, Suggest It

If you are interviewing many candidates, and you notice that someone isn’t a right fit for the job they applied to – point them in the direction of another job in your organization for which their skills may be a better fit. They will feel valued, as a result.


Prospective job candidates can be scarce these days, especially for some specific positions in certain job categories.  How can businesses attract new talent – learn how to handle the labor shortage? A new business model is necessary to attract today’s job seekers. They want to become an integral part of your brand. Engaged and involved, with a stake in the company’s future.

Your recruitment plan can only be truly successful if you understand and respect what workers need and want in the New Millennium. Treating people right, tapping into their talent rather than suppressing it will make your HR department’s job easier. You’ll attract and retain top new talent to build your bottom line.

It’s time to try a completely new approach to the hiring process. Transform your business and brand with Concept3D software and services. Our recruitment tools have been used for the past decade.  For help in getting a handle on the labor shortage, contact us. We can assist your efforts to brand your business, to place it in a positive light, help it become known as the modern, flexible and fulfilling work that it is.