Planning a new commercial facility is no small task. From the foundation to the internet provider, every detail must be planned perfectly to make a profitable building that will be enjoyable for hundreds of people to work in every day. 

One of the most powerful assets you can have in your toolbox of building and project management is a virtual model of your facility. Highly detailed virtual environment where you can create everything from interior design plans to vivid virtual tours. These assets are profoundly useful when planning and constructing a new commercial facility.

1) Clarify Your Final Decisions on Materials and Design

An increasing number of architect services already offer a taste of virtual models when helping clients make decisions about final details. Deciding whether you want gray marble or black granite floors, for example, may be easier if you can see what the interior of your building. Visualization has always been the key to superb design and a virtual rendering is the key to seeing a building that does not yet exist.

With a commissioned model of your facility, you can experiment fully with materials and design details and clarify your final decisions.

2) Visualize Your Interior Design

Finalizing this design is a major part of the building planning. The carpets, art, shops, and decor all have a significant influence on both how your facility appears and how enjoyable it is to work in. Having a vivid virtual perspective on how your choices will look inside the building is exceedingly useful both before and after the initial planning process.

With a virtual model of your facility, you can even start planning ahead for how you might change decorations for holidays, special events, and annual facility parties.

3) Simulate Ergonomics

A commercial building can be beautiful, impressive, and efficiently designed but what it will be judged by for years is how enjoyable it is to work there. The way your rooms, hallways, elevators, and service areas are designed with heavily influence the foot traffic patterns and general efficiency of the occupants.

A fully functional 3D map of your facility can map out how much space you have in your building. This can help you to identify and solve future potential bottle-necks or service distribution problems when it still costs you very little to make plan changes.

4) Line Up Commercial Tenants Before Completion

Part of the projected profitability of a new facility is often based on renting commercial space to other businesses. Whether your space is designed for little ground floor retail shops or prestigious high-rise office space. Their potential rent will contribute to paying off your construction costs and potentially launch you into very profitable business management. 

Having these tenants already lined up before construction is undeniably ideal and a stunning virtual tour of your facility is a great way to entice those businesses. Posting your virtual tour online as an inbound marketing tool, being able to tour your facility and imagine a glamorous new business home is very persuasive.

5) Pitch Construction to Your Shareholders

Speaking of persuasion, maybe all of this is jumping the gun on your project. If everything is beautifully planned but not yet given the go-ahead, you might have to pitch it to your investors and shareholders. Expanding is often a tricky issue because you will need to justify how the spending of revenue will benefit the company.

Having a rendering can show everything your would of had to normally describe. It brings your project to life, and is easier to explain why you need to upgrade.


6) Offer Virtual Tour Experiences as a Service

The promotional potential of a vivid rendering of your building cannot be understated. Being able to take 360° images to show off your project can either update people and then show them the finished product.  Your tour can be shared with visitors, and anyone else you’d like to impress with your new facility. Try Tour Builder today for free!

7) Precise Construction Tracking

Finally, a full rendering of your complete facility is also incredibly useful when construction is underway. One of the biggest challenges of construction is tracking assets and keeping comprehensive records of the progress made each day, week, and month.

A great way to keep track of everything is to use Live Data Integration into your virtual map. It is a great way to show others of your progress you are making on your construction. Internally you can put RFID chips on expensive assets to know where everything is at all times. 

And these applications are only the beginning. Once your facility is complete and running, the same 3D Renderings can be used for a different set of purposes ranging from guest navigation to even emergency planning for your building. Contact us for more information on more services we offer.