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Behind Concept3D’s lush 3D maps is a powerful yet intuitive content management system (CMS) ready to serve admissions, marketing, facilities, and other departments. Concept3D’s platform offers the ability to easily create interactive campus tours, adding unlimited amounts of interactive media to engage prospects and serve students, parents, staff and alumni.

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Concept3D has been creating solutions like the Texas A&M’s campus map as a recruiting tool and operational platform for higher education for over a decade. In addition to incredible virtual maps, Concept3D software and services also provide:

Accessibility Enabled

Concept3D is built with accessibility in mind. We work with partner schools to support their Section 508 compliance efforts. We provide a text-only version of your map that is Section 508-compliant and use ARIA tagging on the interactive map for screen-readers. There are also style and alt-tagging options that can allow for greater accessibility. Concept3D is an ideal platform for highlighting key campus accessibility information, including ADA-compliant parking spaces, restrooms, routes, entrances and more.

Ongoing Development

Our platform is constantly evolving to keep up with the needs of the schools we partner with. New features and functionality are regularly developed to provide you with the most powerful map management software ever.

College Campus Tours


Optimized for both desktop and mobile devices, our maps and tours ensure that all guests — on or off campus — enjoy the same interactive experience.

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Integration of CampusBird

Our higher education clients and partners previously knew us as “CampusBird.” As we grew the platform for both higher education and our enterprise clients, we took care to ensure both were able to take full advantage of all the features of the platform. So, we brought everything our higher education partners loved about CampusBird and integrated it all together into one platform – Concept3D – enabling us to offer more features and solutions to everyone.

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