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Innovating Student Onboarding Strategies from Move-In Day to Orientation

Roadmap for Improvement of Digital Accessibility in Higher Education

Graphic of a calendar flipping to the next day

How Centralized and Branded Event Calendars Increase Student Engagement and Reduce IT Burden

Graphic depiction of interactive map with a person having a VR set on

How Interactive Maps & Virtual Tours Improve Campus Communications and Drive Engagement

How to Improve Inclusivity in the Admissions Marketing Process

Graphic of a student at a desk

How to Get Students Excited About Your Community College

A map and a globe sit behind a book and a compass.

How to Effectively Recruit International Students in 2023

Speaking bubbles with each bubble carrying a different language saying "hello"

Now Introducing: Multi-Language Support for 360º Tour

A graphic depiction of marketing. A laptop has a pie chart with an arrow in the middle

Tours and Maps: A Marketing Machine

A graphic of engagement. There are likes, graphs, and people looking at various screens

Boost Your Admissions: How to Engage Gen Z

A graphic of a house being packed up to move.

A Stress-Free Move-In Day with Concept3D

A graphic of a graduation cap with a graduate standing on top of it holding their diploma

Navigating Commencement Day with Concept3D

Case Study

Shell Point Retirement Community

Shell Point Retirement Community is the largest retirement community in the State of Florida and among the largest lifecare communities in the world. They tasked Concept3D to help them create a virtual map of their huge property.
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Shell Point

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