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Unparalleled control to experience location’s 3D models
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The Evolution of Interactive Maps

By pairing our interactive map software and 3D models 360° Maps are possible.

The software gives users the power to spin, tilt, and rotate the map for visual pinpoint viewing from all orientations. Taking the visualization from 3D renderings to 3D models that can extend from the map.

What EXACTLY is 360° Maps?!

Technically speaking 360° Maps is still in Beta. Hawaii Convention Center one of the first clients to adopt 360° Maps is the testing ground for interiors. Though in Beta the majority of the base map software functionality works seamlessly with 360° Maps. Beyond the base software, 360° Maps has additional functionality, specifically, spin, tilt, and rotate. These controls let a user ‘fly’ through the map.

The additional controls create the gateway for 3D models. Concpet3D was at the forefront of 3D modeling in the early 2000s; our foundation is in SketchUp and we have built and refined for nearly 20 years. The barrier to accessible true 3D in a digital environment is no longer the tools to create realistic 3D models but the software to display, interact, and communicate the models. This is where 360° Maps comes. 360° Maps lets our layered 3D renderings become what they are 3D models.

Benefits of 360° Maps

360° Maps allows for control and accuracy with a richer visual experience. Precisely beautiful 3D models that are fully viewable almost overshadow the power that 360° Maps represents. By opening up all orientations, 360° Maps allow for greater accuracy. Improved accuracy is most evident in enhanced wayfinding. Wayfinding is just the beginning. As 360° Maps is improved and transitioned out of Beta the possibilities are endless.

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