Virtual reality will offer significant advantages for professionals working in a host of different industries. It will allow industries from manufacturing to automotive, logistics, retail, hospitality and more to better plan for the future, access and see real-time data and hardware anywhere in the world, and collaborate on new designs, to name a few applications.” – Robert Johnson, VP of Business Development, concept3D

The hospitality industry is designed around making the customer experience the best it can possibly be.  To this end, for years resorts have been using 3D models, interactive mapping and VR tours into their design, space planning and marketing strategies. Likewise, casinos have massive potential to use VR and 3D modeling for space design, rapid space planning and layout adjustments, and even data visualization.   

To keep up with the competition, casinos require extensive planning to meet customer needs and keep the floor exciting and new yet efficient.  Not only is the casino design process well-thought out, but it is never-ending. When asked how often casinos move machines around, gaming guru John Robison stated, “Pretty much as often as they want. Some casinos have a designated area in which they put new machines. That area will get changed frequently because machines stay there for a week or more and then either move off the slot floor or to a more permanent home on the floor. And some casinos have areas that they haven’t changed for a year or more.  It all depends on how well the machines and areas of the slot floor are performing.” (Read More).

Our atlas3D platform is a perfect tool that provides casinos with a one-stop shop for interactive mapping for both internal and external (e.g. marketing and wayfinding needs). atlas3D also has several add-on systems which are perfect for this scenario:

MapSpacer – A custom SketchUp application built by concept3D which allows users (on the admin side) to update room layouts (pulling from a pre-approved set of items e.g. chairs, tables, slot machines, etc.). The new layout can be viewed in 2D (of course) or through VR-ready 3D flythroughs. This means anyone, anywhere in the world could dive into the potential new layout and suggest or make changes without leaving their desk. Below are two images demonstrating how MapSpacer works in the casino environment.


Xplorer Virtual Tour – Our most powerful virtual tour system stitches together 3D models or real, 360-degree photos or videos, and builds a beautiful and compelling virtual tour.  Xplorer can be used to show off future construction plans, the new layout to internal audiences before it goes live, among many other uses. Xplorer also includes the potential of on-screen data visualization, so approved users from anywhere in the world could see select a “trigger” in the tour to display information such as foot traffic through a specific area, number of total visitors, machines that aren’t working, etc.

Below is an example of Xplorer Virtual Tour in use in higher education, 360-degree video used. Note audio narration potential, toggle on and off VR, and mini-map in upper right corner for orientation.  

Below is an example of Xplorer Virtual Tour in use in higher education, 360-degree video used. Note audio narration potential, toggle on and off VR, and mini-map in upper right corner for orientation.


Whether tours are built for external audiences (e.g. to get people excited about visiting), or for internal audiences who need real-time access to data, both are VR-ready and can become an immersive experience with readily available hardware for mobile VR. 

The image below shows on-screen data visualization in a data center environment. Data feeds can be adjusted – refresh rate, desired data, alerts, etc. And can be viewed in 3D (as below) or in virtual reality, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world on desktop and mobile devices. 


There’g huge potential for casinos to use VR and immersive experiences to help create efficiencies across many departments, from marketing to facilities and planning. 

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