What is it like to work at your organization? To attract the right employees in your industry, you need to be able to answer that question clearly and decisively. Building your employer brand, in fact, has become a crucial part of positioning yourself as an employer of choice and attracting top-end talent.

Accomplishing that feat can be difficult. After all, you likely compete with a number of organizations and companies that offer the same types of salary, benefits, and tangible benefits. Still, with the right strategy, you can set yourself apart in the eyes of prospective employees. 

The Rising Importance of Employer Brands

Gone are the days in which you could rely on a reliable pipeline of top-end talent to work at your company. In truth, those days may have never existed to begin with. Attracting prospective employees is as much about convincing them to join your company as it is about their qualifications.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, an employer brand can also be described as an organization’s communications about its mission, values, culture and personality. It communicates what it’s like to work at that organization, and sets expectations for a potential partnership.

A number of studies and surveys show the rising importance of emphasizing this type of communication:

  • 72% of recruiters now think an employer brand has a significant impact on hiring.
  • A strong employer brand results in 28% less employee turnover.
  • Companies who emphasize their employer brand experience 50% lower cost-per-hire.
  • Organizations who highlight intangible benefits find 50% more qualified applicants.

Of course, the opposite effect can also have an impact. In fact, the single biggest obstacle for qualified candidates searching for a job is not knowing what it’s like to work at the organization they’re considering.  Being able to bring your workplace to them can be a huge tool for recruiting.

Traditional Ways to Emphasize Your Employer Brand

Building your employer brand is not necessarily a new tactic. For decades, high-end companies have looked to charm potential employees with intangible benefits, including an emphasis on company culture. Look no further than Google for an example, an often-cited example of a company that has flaunted its casual work environment as an ideal medium for creativity and productivity.

Of course, not every organization has Google’s leverage or cultural clout. Other ways to build an employer brand have included flexible working hours, an emphasis on volunteering, and more. And yet, as the awareness of needing a strong brand has grown, even these tactics might no longer make you unique in your industry.

That’s one major reason a new player has entered the game: immersive media. The idea is simple. Why tell prospective employees what it’s like to work at your company if you can show them instead? Keep with current trends and create a virtual tour that can be seen on AR and VR for your recruiting tactics. 

How One Company Used Immersive Media to Attract Prospective Employees

Imagine you could show potential employees you’re looking to recruit exactly what it’s like to work for your organization, before they ever walk into your offices. 

We tend to think of virtual tours as customer-driven. Hospitals use them to help patients find their way, while universities leverage them as recruitment tools for potential students who cannot physically come to campus. 

Take the tour, and it’s difficult to come away with anything but a clear understanding of the company’s ethos and work culture. When you are trying to get a high end employee virtual tours could push them towards coming to work for you or taking a job with another company. 

Potential Applications Throughout Industries

The goal in all applications should be the same: let top-end talent get a feeling of what it’s like to work for you, in as few words as possible.

Consider a hospital that runs a virtual tour not just for patients, but potential employees. A large enterprise home in multiple buildings might show easy communication paths and attractive common places. And even a medium-sized business can use such a tool to build a better understanding of its day-to-day life for people who are not familiar with it yet. Concept3D will help your brand get magnified by potential employee’s.