Mobile integration is the name of the game. Interactive maps matter, and carry significant benefits for your organization. But that can only be the case if you optimize them for the ways in which your audience actually wants to access these maps.

That’s why our partnership with Modo Labs might just be one of our most important integrations. Combine Concept3D’s in-depth and comprehensive mapping experience with the user-friendly, technology-optimized Modo Platform, and you truly get the best of both worlds.

The Increasing Dominance of Mobile Devices

Over the past few years, how we use the internet has changed drastically. Across generations, users are gravitating towards mobile devices to search for information and browse the web. That trend is not stopping anytime soon.

Mobile internet usage surpassed its desktop counterpart for the first time in 2016. Since then, the gap has widened. Users aren’t just becoming more likely to use their smartphones and tablets to browse online, they also spend more time doing so during each individual session.

The same holds true across industries and intentions. Prospective college students and their parents use mobile devices more than any other technology during their college search. Meanwhile, mobile learning has become one of the most important components of employee onboarding. And of course, hospitals are beginning to rely on mobile devices to improve both efficiency and patient satisfaction.

The Possibilities of Modo Labs

The increasing dominance of mobile internet usage has brought with it a number of potential solutions for businesses looking to cater to their audience’s shifting preferences. Among them, Modo Labs stands out.

Modo Labs is best known for its extensive mobile app assembly, administration and communication features. These features empower both technical or non-technical users to quickly create extraordinary apps that engage users with the right information, when they need it and where they need it. 

The company started in higher education but has expanded from there. Now, a wide range of industries can take advantage of the technology that’s easy to create and manage on the backend, and intuitive to navigate for the actual user. It’s a mobile app experience designed to be as seamless as possible for all ends of the spectrum.


How Concept3D Integrates With the Modo Platform

Imagine a mobile experience designed specifically for the increasing need to communicate through smartphones and tablets. Now, imagine an interactive map that seamlessly integrates with this experience to provide a sense of space, direction, and further place-based information to any user. That’s, in essence, the integration between Concept3D and Modo Labs.

The integration itself is simple: the interactive map, created by Concept3D, becomes a feature on the larger mobile app. Users can navigate to it, use it to get walking or driving directions to a specific building or location, and more. All of that with a single tap of the app.

Once you decide to integrate, the process itself is seamless. No coding is involved; the existing bridges mean that IT’s involvement will remain light. Updating maps to remain accurate is a simple process. Once integrated, you can build virtual tours, add photos, and build out your campus or location map within your mobile cost without incurring any additional cost.

As our CEO Oliver Davis noted at the initial agreement,

“We’re excited to be partnering with Modo Labs – a leader in the mobile advanced technology for creating powerful mobile campus engagement solutions. “This opportunity has further demonstrated the flexibility of Concept3D and the ability to embed our platform into the Kurogo interface and allow organization to present CampusBird as a native app experience.”

Steward Elliott, CEO of Modo Labs, agrees:

We chose to partner with Concept3D because their technology provides a rich, interactive mapping experience that can enhance any mobile apps. The ability to seamlessly integrate with third-party solutions is one of the unique strengths of the Kurogo Platform. Combining Concept3D’s mapping technology into a Kurogo Mobile Campus app will give our joint customers more options for creating interactive and compelling mobile experiences.”

3 Integration Examples Across Industries

Of course, none of the above matters if theory doesn’t translate into practice. Much like Modo Labs, the integration began in the higher education space. But it certainly doesn’t end there.

Integration in Higher Education

For colleges and universities, the integration allows joint customers to provide a single comprehensive mobile app for students, parents, staff and alumni. Users get seamless, one-tap access to the school’s Concept3D interactive map as an embedded part of the Modo mobile campus app.

Additionally, the Concept3D / Modo integration enhances the ability of admissions, marketing and other departments to promote their unique campus experience with mobile-ready virtual tours, photos, directions, campus information, and more. Campuses can capture more admissions leads, provide better user experience for their digital audiences, and reduces hours otherwise spent printing digital apps.

Integration in the HR Space

Next, consider the employee recruitment onboarding process. Successful organizations realize that a sense of space and culture is as important in that process as the tangible salary and knowledge base. As a result, Modo Labs has begun to offer an HR version of its app specifically to improve employee learning and engagement.  

That same app can benefit significantly from an interactive map and virtual tour. It allows potential and new employees to easily navigate the space, before they ever set foot in it. A virtual tour can also help your audience better understand company culture and expectations than simple text or static photos ever could.

Integration for Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Another potential integration is in the health field. Hospitals, in many ways, combine both of the above nuances. Their large campuses require ease of navigation for both patients and visitors. But they also employ a large number of professionals who will require comprehensive onboarding for engagement and retention.

With Concept3D and Modo Labs, you can accomplish both. Build a mobile experience that allows for easy physical navigation in addition to providing valuable information. Integrate both with a comprehensive mobile solutions that caters to the needs and expectations of your medical audiences.

Want to learn more?

Concept3D, Modo Labs and Texas A&M collaborated on a webinar focused on Texas A&M’s implementation.