Would you believe me if I told you that there is a way to increase applicant engagement and conversion that is underutilized by over 80 percent of Human Resource departments?

Probably not.

Yet it is true.



From 3rd party research of over 400 HR professionals and high-value hires, those making over $125,000 annually, Concept3D realized there is something right at recruitment marketings’ fingertips that will engage their applicant pipeline.

Their career site. These sites are often bogged down in applicant tracking software but fail to tell the story of the company. Whether it is the work/life balance or professional development opportunities every company has something unique that if the story was better communicated they would see more and better-engaged applicants.

It is not just us saying this, backed up by independent sources, there is an opportunity to stand out to your applicants. It is as simple as telling your company’s story better on the website. Download this infographic to see exactly how big the opportunity is.

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