We’ve all seen them: static, hard-to-read, two-dimensional trade show maps. Trying to find booths can be confusing and take much longer than expected. Even large, technology focused trade shows have PDF floor maps that are hard for users to understand and even harder to navigate. 

Isn’t it time for convention centers and trade show organizations to upgrade to today’s available technology and start using immersive, 3D maps? 

Indoor Positioning 

At events like trade shows and conventions, indoor navigation is far more important, and potentially more difficult, than outdoor wayfinding. With so many booths in one building and rows upon rows of places to go and events, immersive maps can significantly improve user orientation and indoor navigation.

The integration of point-to-point wayfinding technology also ensures easy walking directions around a convention center or other event space. With maps designed for mobile devices, users drag-and-drop pins to start and finish points, and the system offers the most direct and efficient path. 

Concessions and Restrooms 

We have all been there – walking around a trade show all day and then you only have 30 minutes for lunch. But then finding the food court and a line short enough to get a bite to eat before the next meeting seems nearly impossible. Interactive maps can not only display all of the different food and restroom options, but maps can have live data feeds integrated – like webcams or estimated wait times – to improve the guest experience overall.


Convention center parking can be stressful. With thousands of people going to the same place at the same time, parking can be more difficult than driving to the actual event. Immersive maps can be used to show people exactly where to park, information on pricing and restrictions, ride share drop-off and pickup locations, and real-time data feeds can even show lot occupancy  – essentially taking the chaos out of parking.

Immersive maps allow trade show goers to waste less time, parking, walking, or getting lost and more time to engage with the activities and brands at each show.