As anyone who has ever worked in a big building knows, it can be a real challenge to find your way around. This is especially true for new employees and visitors, who can get lost in the maze of hallways and rooms. And with the pandemic causing a surge in employee turnover, confusion has only gotten worse. But don’t worry – technology is here to help! Interactive 3D maps are the solution we’ve been waiting for.

The facility management industry is poised to grow to an impressive $76.3 billion by 2026. With this growth, it’s more important than ever for organizations to make sure they have the right technology in place to help everyone navigate their facilities. And that’s where interactive 3D maps come in. By combining visual and informational content in a dynamic way, these maps can make any facility feel like a breeze to navigate. In a recent interview with Facility Management, Concept3D CEO Gordon Boyes discussed the many ways in which interactive 3D maps can help facility managers achieve their goals.

Streamline Operations, Boost Efficiencies, and Increase Safety

Interactive 3D maps can do much more than just help you find your way around. They can also provide real-time data that can be critical in boosting production and increasing safety. For example, in an emergency situation, anyone with access to the map can quickly find the location of defibrillators, evacuation points, and emergency contact information. This can be a lifesaver in case of an accident or emergency.

In addition to providing important information in an emergency, interactive maps can also show planned maintenance schedules and other important details about the facility. This means that facility operation teams can work more efficiently, and visitors can plan their trips accordingly.

Say Goodbye to Lost Visitors and Employees

Gone are the days of employees getting lost in the maze of a facility. With interactive 3D maps, it’s easy to find your way around. With interior wayfinding, users can create a precise route from one point to another, which is especially helpful for new employees and visitors. These maps can also streamline parking and other transportation routes, making it easy for delivery drivers and visitors to get where they need to go.

Marketing Your Facility to Potential Clients

As the facilities market becomes more competitive, marketing departments are playing a bigger role in growing business. The pandemic showed us that virtual meetings can be just as impactful as in-person ones, so it’s important for facility managers and owners to be ready to showcase their facilities to potential clients virtually using interactive 3D maps.

With virtual tours, facilities can provide potential clients with all the information they need, and even customize the visuals to showcase their brand. By including ALT text, audio narration, and typed text, virtual tours can be accessible for all users, regardless of disabilities. And by optimizing the informational components of your virtual tour for search engines, you can increase your chances of appearing at the top of search results, potentially boosting your inbound sales.

Interactive 3D maps are the future of facilities management, helping streamline operations, boost efficiencies, and increase safety. By using the same technology for marketing, facilities can stand out in a competitive market and attract new clients. So, don’t let confusion reign – embrace the power of interactive 3D maps and see how they can transform your facility!

If you’re interested in learning more about how these maps can help your facility, be sure to check out the full interview with Concept3D CEO Gordon Boyes and schedule a time with Concept3D to show you how interactive 3D maps can benefit your organization.