We are excited to announced the winners of our first annual “Most Innovative Map” awards, drawing from 2019 higher education mapping programs, technology, and initiatives.

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The awards recognize higher education institutions clients for unique and outstanding applications of our platform. This year the five categories include: Best Data Feed Integration, Best Campus Safety Initiative, Best Admissions Integration, Most Digitally Accessible Campus Map, and Best Interior Mapping. Honorable mentions were given for Best Green Initiative, Best Virtual Tour, Most Prepared Initiative, and Best Use of Webcams.

“It was quite a challenge to pare it down to the final award winners because there are so many unique applications happening in the higher education space, where interactive campus maps can be used for a wide variety of uses and by different departments,” said Concept3D CEO, Gordon Boyes. “It’s really exciting to see how the higher education professionals are able to use the technology to serve their communities and to note how the awards reflect higher education trends that we’re seeing across the board, from greater digital accessibility to IoT.”

Below are the winners of the 2019 Most Innovative Map awards:

Best Data Feed Integration – Penn State University

Penn State University launched interactive campus maps for the main University Park campus and 21 of the Commonwealth Campuses, making Penn State one of the largest university interactive mapping systems. Penn State integrated a unique data feed into its maps that shows the availability of computer stations at computer labs across multiple campuses. Using the map, students can quickly find available computer stations closest to their location as well as see how many computer stations are available in real-time.

Best Campus Safety Initiative – Boise State University

Boise State University showcased its commitment to safety and security this year with the integration of a new toggle-on Night Map feature, a 3D map overlay that makes it easy for students, staff and visitors to find preferred, well-lit night routes as well as resources including emergency phones. Boise State’s Night Map also highlights Public Safety Dispatch Centers, Emergency Blue Light and Refugee Phones, and AED locations. Each item has a display box that further explains the exact location of the service and provides additional information.

Best Admissions Implementation – Occidental College

In 2019, Occidental College integrated a new feature to help students around the country find the right point of contact for the Los Angeles-based campus. The “Locate Your Admissions Counselor” option can be switched on, taking students to a map of the United States. The map is sectioned off primarily by state, but in some cases, large metropolitan areas or regions are also featured. A potential student simply has to click on their location to view the appropriate admissions contact complete with background information and a photo.

Most Digitally Accessible Campus Map – Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University integrated a new wheelchair accessible wayfinding feature into its interactive campus map, which helps identify the most efficient and easiest routes for those using a wheelchair. Although Texas A&M’s campus terrain is relatively flat, there are a lot of stairs, inclines and curb cuts that can present challenges for campus accessibility, and which were factored into the new wayfinding system.

Best Interior Mapping – University of Colorado, Boulder

In order to make it even easier to find a specific location within a building, CU Boulder added a new feature that gives map users the ability to view the building interiors, floor by floor. The new interior floor map includes clearly marked room numbers as well as stairs and restroom locations on each floor.

Honorable Mentions

Best Virtual Tour – University of Texas, Arlington

UT Arlington’s virtual tour has 14 different stops that showcase popular spots on campus for visitors both near and far alike to check out. Using 360-degree photos, the 420-acre campus is brought to life and gives an inside look to spots like their Smart Hospital, Studio Arts Center, and Clay Gould Ballpark.

Best Green Initiative – Skidmore College

Skidmore College has an entirely separate campus map dedicated to showcasing its sustainability efforts. From engagement opportunities like their “Give and Go” program to trayless dining halls, this school goes above and beyond to take care of our environment.

Most Prepared Initiative – University of Denver

Helping campus prepare for the inevitable snowstorm makes a lot of sense in Colorado, and University of Denver added a new feature highlighting snow plow routes with the goal of helping students better plan routes to and across campus.

Best Use of Webcams – Michigan Tech University

Michigan Tech University integrated 13 live video feeds into its map, giving current, students and staff the ability to take a quick real-time look at activities and locations. The live webcams are also a powerful way for prospective students to get a feel for campus life.