A Metro Area University Powers Up Navigation with a 3D Interactive Map.

One of four institutions within the University of Houston system, UHD (University of Houston-Downtown) includes the primary downtown campus and three off-campus locations: UHD Northwest, Lone Star College (LSC) Kingwood and LSC CyFair, all located in the Houston metro area and offering different degrees and course options. UHD is a four-year state university with over 14,000 students and is one of the largest universities in Houston.

Image Courtesy of University of Houston-Downtown

The application of Concept3D’s interactive 3D mapping platform is an ideal solution for single-site campuses as well as those with buildings and facilities spread out over a metro area – like UHD – or throughout a region. With 3D renderings built atop the open-source geospatial system, OpenStreetMap (which operates similar to Google Maps), map visitors will easily be able to navigate to the various campuses and also find their way directly to a parking lot, building, and other on- and off-campus locations.

Certainly a great tool for students, interactive university maps are also useful for faculty and staff (being able to show vs. describe), parents, alumni looking to virtually revisit old stomps, visitors and a host of others.

As opposed to a static map or PDF, the Concept3D platform makes it easy to “jump” between campuses and to click on specific buildings and locations to learn more about them.

The UHD 3D campus map highlights many aspects of the university that differentiate it from other campuses and provides important information to students, staff, and visitors. With the metropolitan location, there are several nearby areas of interest and off-campus student services.

Mapping for Multiple Campus Locations

When viewing the main downtown campus map, users can easily navigate to the other UHD campus maps. Each campus is listed in the top banner of the map and under the “Off-Campus Locations” tab on the left-hand drop-down menu. Each different location is mapped out in detailed 3D renderings and users can find parking, student services and other needs at each location.

When the downtown campus students need to travel to any of the other locations, they can familiarize themselves with the other campus beforehand to ensure they know exactly where to go. This saves time for the student and allows them to feel more comfortable traveling between locations.

Using a Campus Map to Highlight Points of Interest

The UHD campus is close to several major Houston attractions. Music venues, parks, art districts, and famous professional sport venues make up a handful of these destinations. By design, the Concept3D platform makes it easy for prospective students and visitors to zoom out from the main campus and get a feel for the city and the entertainment it has to offer.

By selecting the “Downtown Points of Interest” category in the map menu, people can get detailed driving directions to the location or share the location with friends (making it a great tool for current students as well). Cities can be intimidating, but the UHD campus map helps by creating a sense of community and familiarity within the university neighborhood. From the Discovery Green, a nearby outdoor concert venue, to Houston’s theatre district, a major art destination, UHD’s campus is surrounded by some fantastic areas that are easy to profile with an interactive campus map.


Maps for Campus Safety

Interactive maps help make campus safer overall. Aside from making it easier to find your way around, universities like UHD can highlight “Police Call Boxes” and other safety needs, so students can familiarize themselves with these locations. When this category is selected, the police call boxes on the UHD campus are pinpointed on the map. The eight subcategories consist of main campus buildings and parking lots, allowing users to find call boxes in specific locations. When the call boxes are pinpointed, users can click on the individual call box to find the exact location.

The UHD map highlights a host of other useful items, from dining to student services, the meeting location for campus tours, the bookstore, parking and transportation, event and conference rooms, and much more.

Located in the heart of Houston, UHD’s interactive 3D campus map helps to give prospective students and visitors a sense of on-campus life and the surrounding community.