This month we will be highlighting Kishwaukee College, a two-year college in DeKalb County, Illinois. Founded in 1968, Kishwaukee College, often referred to as “Kish,” offers over 70 occupational degrees and certificates to more than 6,000 students.


Not only do these map subcategories play a role in education and protection, they also enhance the beauty of Kishwaukee’s campus. When you click on each category, a small slideshow pops up with a detailed description of the initiative, its history, and why Kish has incorporated it into their campus. For example, the bee hotel was built for the rarely stinging Orchard Mason bees to raise their young.

Study Abroad Category

With eight different programs across Europe, Asia, and Central America, Kishwaukee has strong connections around the world. For prospective study abroad students, this category allows them to easily peruse their options before delving into more detailed descriptions of each program, and get excited about the study abroad programs offered through the school.


When the study abroad category is selected, the user is taken to a world map with the eight different programs highlighted in their respective geographic locations. When an icon is selected, a small photo and brief description of the program pops up. A link to that study abroad program is also included. Kish makes choosing the right program easy, and their CampusBird map makes it even easier.

Business and Conference Center Category

Covering 120-acres, Kishwaukee College’s campus map includes many details that allow it to compete with other schools. Kish’s map highlights their Business and Conference Center, which demonstrates their commitment and cooperation with the surrounding community.


The Kish campus map provides images/slideshows and detailed descriptions of the conference center’s tiered lecture hall, auditorium, training room, exterior, and atrium. The small descriptions include links that go directly to the convention center’s website. The map also includes four 360° photos within the conference center. These features allow event planners to tour the venue in order to determine if the on-campus convention center is a fit for their meeting or event.

Walking Path Tour

Kishwaukee College also includes a walking path tour within their campus map. The tour details the entire walking path route with photos and clearly written directions. The path was designed for students, staff, and visitors for exercise and self-guided tour purposes. The walking tour is also a great way for prospective students to explore the campus in an interactive way from anywhere in the world.


These are just a few of the standout ways that Kish is using its CampusBird map. But it also highlights ADA accessible routes and entrances, includes a walking path virtual tour, and information about athletics, health services, dining, points of interest, and much more.  

We’re proud to have Kishwaukee College in the CampusBird family! Check out their map here.