Commercial real estate is a notoriously lucrative industry for those who know how to manage the property as if it were its own business. Rather than selling something off the shelves, you are bringing new residents into a shared business home. 

The smartest commercial real estate owners know how to increase the comfort, quality, and style of their units without breaking the bank with costly upgrades. In today’s blended digital environment, one of the best things you can do for your property is to digitize it with a 3D rendering then create 360 tour . It is an easy way to market your properties to prospective tenants. 

Showing Off the Space to Distant Prospects

In the real estate industry, the number one use for a 3D virtual experience of your property is to appeal to out of state potential tenants. 3D tours gives your potential tenants a chance to ‘walk around’ the area and get a feel for the real space and flow of the floor plan. This is especially helpful for prospects that are far enough away, that a in person tour would be inconvenient to impossible.

A 3D virtual tour sells itself, it makes that first meeting easier because the potential tenant has already seen the area. When you meet them they are just asking very in depth questions about cost of the space and the history of its maintenance. Virtual tours are very shareable so the potential tenant can show anyone they want with just a click of a button.

Virtual Staging Instead of Physical Staging

Another benefit of having a 3D rendering done is the ability to stage without actually paying for staging. Staging a commercial office requires a lot of desks, chairs, potted plants, and temporary art. Not only does the furniture rental cost you, but you also have to move all the furniture in between tenants and back out again once you find a new renter.

With a 3D rendering, you can use virtual furniture instead. Even better, you can make a variety of configurations virtual furniture selections based on which industries and businesses you’re hoping to target. This means that for a fraction of the cost, you can actually stage your space in multiple ways at the same time to appeal to very different prospects.

Helping New Tenants Design Their Workplace

Of course, the ability to dynamically ‘stage’ your virtualized office space isn’t just a marketing tactic. There’s no rule saying you have to stop using this incredibly useful new feature after you’ve found a tenant or are working with a few different prospects. When pitching your space or working hard to close the deal, 3D rendering can make the difference by helping future tenants see what the space would look like with their company moved in.

You can use the 3D rendering for space planning and help them figure out where everything can go. Change a few colors to match their company theme and show off at least a rough estimate of how the commercial space might look if arranged to serve their industry and business design. This personal touch can be the difference between waiting for a call and an enthusiastic closing.


Providing the 3D Facility Map as a Tenant Marketing Asset

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s a final way that a 3D rendering of your facility can add value for your tenants. Rather than packing away your rendering until the next time you need to attract a tenant. Ask them to post it on their website, and all of a sudden it becomes a free marketing and sales tool. You can even make it a theme with properties you offer, that each of them is also granted or has access to a 3D experience of their own location.

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