As a business owner, you want to offer new employees and clients the right tools to make finding things easier. SaaS companies like Concept 3D provides services for making your business as efficient and visible as possible. The type of services are

3D Renderings 

Your entire business can be scanned and recreated digitally. Using Concept3D to do renderings of your building to make it come alive. After your photos and scans are done of your building you can create the foundation for all the services your business needs:

Choosing Interactive Building Services That Meet Your Business Needs

The needs of every business are different, and you want to choose the right technology to maximize the benefits.  Areas that you want to consider interactive design technology include:

  • Virtual tours in 3D that showcase the features of building design and resources visitors need
  • Interactive 3D maps that give users a virtual perspective of your location
  • Virtual visualization of the systems that make your business run better.
  • Automation that makes essential business resources easier to use and manage

With the right interactive applications, businesses can showcase a new experience and a new world. This world provides users with useful services that solve problems and provide solutions to challenges people face every day.

Benefits From Interactive Building Services 


  • Emergency service applications-  Safety of employees and customers are important every business. If there is a fire where emergency exits and fire extinguishers are. You can even do a virtual tour of how to exit your building in case of emergency. 
  • Training new Employee’s-  When new employee’s are hired, the process can be hard from a training and learning perspective. Concept3D can upload videos and text on your map to help train your employee. For example, if you work in oil and gas we can use 360° panoramas to take training pictures of the oil pipes. A new hire can put on a VR headset and physically practice and see how to fix something that is broken.
  • Tracking data- After your company puts tracking devices/cameras on where need, we can update you in real time in your map on how long until the bus gets to your work. Lines at restaurants in the building or in the surrounding areas, so you do not have to waste time. 

The right planning of interactive 3D design for your business will give people a new experience with technology that provides resources they can use in the world around them. This is why it is important to find a reputable design service to help with the planning and integration of these services in your business. Let Concept3D help you make your business the best it can be.