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Turns out, a lot of people still like good old hard copy maps…

How do we know? Because the CampusBird PrintMap Generator is our most popular add-on module. PrintMap makes it super easy to select a specific set of items from your CampusBird (e.g. parking lots near the admissions office, ADA accessible entrances and parking lots, major points of interest, walking tour directions and location, etc.), and create a print-ready map (PDF or PNG) that you can either print right there or share via link so it can be printed at another location.

Commencement and a special move-in map layer for new students are two prefect opportunities to use the CampusBird PrintMaps Generator.

Designed to help schools and universities create more consistent print maps from the vast amount of data they have stored within the map management platform, this new module works seamlessly with CampusBird’s content management system, making it easy for clients to create accurate print maps faster than ever by leveraging a single source of location data. This is a platform to create unlimited print maps in a whole new way for any occasion.

We’re excited to announce a host of new PrintMap upgrades that give you a lot more flexibility:

  • Adjustable Red Box. 
    1. You can now select the corners or side of the red box and drag it to alter the size of the box and the area it covers. The box will remain proportionate to its portrait or landscape shaped box as you alter the size. 
  • Print Tours and Tour Paths. 
    1. There is now a tours and locations toggle on the print map feature just like there is on the front end. You can select and print any tour.
  • Category Expand and Collapse. 
    1. You can now very easily expand, collapse, and select categories.
  • Turn Off Renderings and Map Tiles 
    1. You can print a map of your selected locations or tours with or without map tiles and/or the 3D renderings
    2. Works with both Google and OpenStreetMap (OSM)
    3. If you print a map with Google tiles, we submit a warning that we are not liable for commercial use of the printed tiles
  • Legendary Legend Improvements
    1. Legend will now only include locations within the red box
    2. The legend can be on more than one sheet if necessary
    3. You can order the legend alphabetically
  • Category Carry Over
    1. If you select locations in the locations tab, then select “Generate Print Map” the categories will automatically carry over to the print map. You can unselect those from the PrintMap Generator if they are not what you intended to print.

It’s been a busy year for the CampusBird tech team. Have a look at a couple of the other upgrades that make CampusBird the most powerful interactive map and virtual tour platform available today.

Interested in learning more about CampusBird and/or the PrintMap Generator? A short how-to video is included below: