With other mapping and direction apps, directions often stop at the front door, but for most places more is needed. Large facilities like hospitals, convention centers, and other venues know all too well the confusion and disorientation their visitors encounter on a regular basis. Am I at the right parking lot? Is this the building my meeting is in? Can I get through this way? Why does this wayfinding signage make no sense? 

With atlas3D’s wayfinding, visitors never reach a point of frustration. A 3D interactive map take your visitors every step of the way, guiding them from point to point, getting them exactly where they need to be. Meetings are made on time, everyone gets to the right room without a hassle, and your facility stands out as a shining example of good customer service.

How guests navigate your space is not something to leave to chance. It is as much part of the experience as having well-lit halls or clean restrooms. atlas3d puts you in control. The point to point directions can be sent in an appointment reminder text message for simplified hospital wayfinding and meeting planning. atlas3D has options for both walking direction and driving directions so no matter which way they prefer to get to then navigate your venue you are covered. atlas3D’s 3D interactive map is available to clients leverage in their wayfinding signage, printed maps, and on-site direction kiosks to further ensure a positive experience.

atlas3D is there for your visitors even before they walk through the door. Visitors that prefer to plot their course through your facility before they arrive can make a map with pins, dragging and dropping pins within a 3D interactive map, allowing them to create custom directions. They can change the orientation of the map, print it, and arrive at your location armed with all the information they need to make sure they don’t end up wandering aimlessly through your halls.

As guests venture out into your greater community, you can still be there to help. On atlas3D’s 3D interactive map additional layers can be made to guide your visitors to partnered hotels or to recommend surrounding restaurants.


atlas3D is a new way to define wayfinding. It’s more than a way to get from A to B. It empowers your audience to make the most of their visit, and makes your venue user-friendly.