Virtual Tour

What is a virtual tour? A virtual tour can be a simple call out of locations in a digital space, or a complete virtual reality experience. Virtual tour software can be general or incredibly detailed and targeted. What can a virtual tour do for you and your business? Virtual tours bring your venue to life in a way that few other products or services can. A virtual tour is a powerful customized marketing tool that can generate excitement about your venue and provide potential clients with a vibrant, detailed view of your space.

Our 3D virtual tour software comes in two forms. VitalPath is our generalist virtual tour. Xplorer Virtual Tour is our premium virtual reality tour.

Xplorer Virtual Tour takes the virtual tour beyond the basic, and offers an immersive experience that transports the user to your facility with only their phone and a VR viewer. Xplorer Virtual Tour is the Tesla of virtual tours, and is the best way to view your venue for someone that may never step foot on site.

C-suite decision makers don’t often have the time for onsite visits, but Xplorer Virtual Tour gives them an unobstructed view that’s as true to life as possible. Perhaps an expectant mom is considering your hospital. With our Xplorer Virtual Tour 360 tour software, she can see every nook and cranny of your maternity ward in striking detail. She can walk through the birthing room, see the nursery, and choose which recovery room she likes best. Resort guests can walk the golf course before ever teeing off. Xplorer is as good as being there.

VitalPath is the most flexible virtual tour. VitalPath can be experienced while walking on-site, or remotely. This virtual tour is a great choice for highlighting specific events, explaining a planned construction, even pointing out wifi hotspots or bathrooms. These virtual tours can incorporate VR-enabled 360 Photospheres, making your audience’s experience even richer.

VitalPath let’s you go broad or detailed. When a convention center is attracting events it is more than just the space, it is the entire community well beyond the walls of the convention center. Event goers want to know they have options in your city. VitalPath can highlight and map out all the best restaurants in the area. Theater buffs can walk through the theater district and check out the shows in town. Kennel Club considering your venue? Map out every dog run, pet supply supply store, and doggie daycare in town.

VitalPAth is also for events, if the Smith Wedding is happening at your hotel. Well before the big day, VitalPath can already be used to get the guests excited. The bride and groom can add a link on the invitees that sends people to a VitalPath of your hotel. Guests can see a map of the room block, choose their room, and then most importantly, book directly with you. When guests arrive, VitalPath continues to be of service. An event specific event VitalPath keeps everyone informed and on the same page. Layered on the map of the entire hotel ensures guests easily find their way to the rehearsal dinner at the rooftop bar with specific call-outs, and they get there on time. The ceremony happens the next morning at a church 4 blocks away. Again, VitalPath can include the directions. Afterword, everyone easily locates the ballroom back at the hotel.For the guests that extend their stay and turn the Smith wedding into a little vacation, VitalPath can showcase all the attractions in the area.When it’s all over, the VitalPath can be turned off. Have another wedding next month? Turn it back on again, and customize it to suit the needs of that party. Now you’ve got a template that you can easily update and modify.

Our interactive tour software puts your potential client in control of their own virtual tour, and provides a realistic impression of your facility that the viewer can share with their colleagues, families and friends. Whether you choose VitalPath or Xplorer Virtual Tour to bring your venue to life, a virtual tour makes it easy for a prospective guest or client to say ‘yes’.