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What is a virtual reality (VR) ? There are dozens of definitions but at it’s core virtual reality is using software to create an experience. VR software ranges from simple 360 photos to complete synthetic environments that can be manipulated within the software.

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See how real-life events can be brought to life with virtual reality in the below video:

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The future of virtual reality is being created now. Long used in gaming it is making it way into mainstream. More and more consumers are adopting virtual reality for non-gaming uses. They use it to envision the new couch in their living room or show-off their latest vacation photos. However, this is not the future of virtual reality. It is the enterprise level solutions that will define the virtual reality industry in the coming years.

Businesses are adopting virtual reality to solve everything from recruiting issues to improving safety and efficiency at their warehouse and manufacturing facilities. Virtual reality allows possible candidates to experience the culture and office amenities before they are flown in for the first interview. It can let someone at headquarters check that inventory is being handled and stored correctly from across the country. Virtual reality can show the project manager for a new manufacturing plant the production line and any potential safety issues before ground is broken. Virtual reality brings your business current and future to life right in front of you.

The internet of things has exponentially increase the amount of data available to help make business decisions, but all the data in the world means nothing if not put into context. Real-time data being visualized via virtual reality allows someone to see where a particular piece of information fits within the greater picture. A crew supervisor can ‘see’ everything from the pressure gauges to the weather of a remote site before the first mile is driven to get there. You already have the data, but virtual reality brings it to life.

Our VR software was built with flexibility in mind. Whether needing to visualize things internal or enhance your sales process there is probably a way for virtual reality to fit in and provide significant value. 

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