Health Care

You, your patients, and insurers all care about the patient experience. So many things go into a stay in the hospital and one off moment can result in a bad patient satisfaction survey. If they are late to their pre-op appointment then it has already started off on the wrong foot and can then be reflected later in a patient satisfaction survey. A spouse that spend 25 minutes lost in the wrong building can sway how the patient feels about the entire experience. There are so many critical moments and things when someone is staying in your hospital, wayfinding should not be one of them.

There are a lot of options when it comes to healthcare and atlas3D can help you position your facility as a more welcoming place.

If you’re looking for way to set yourself apart from your competitors and attract new patients, let atlas3D create a stunning, easy-to-use interactive map can make all the difference for your clients. Contact us today.

Healthcare administrators know that prospective patients are increasingly doing their research online, and want to know exactly what to expect from the hospital they choose before even stepping foot inside, whether they’re preparing for the arrival of a new child, selecting a hospital to care for a loved one, or finding the most comfortable and capable facility for an elective surgery. Though once they arrive, patients often have trouble finding their way through what can be a labyrinth of parking lots, buildings, wards and wings. But hospital navigation, both online and on site, doesn’t need to be so hard.

With atlas3D, patients and family members can have an interactive building map in the palm of their hands. They can tour the birth center, view the latest medical equipment, and familiarize themselves with the hospital from wherever they are in the world. When it’s time to set foot on the medical campus, hospital wayfinding is made simple. A 3D interactive map guides patients to their doctors efficiently and on time, and visitors don’t waste valuable facetime with their loved ones. With a vibrant, well-designed 3d hospital model of your facility, your patients have one less thing to be concerned about. Our 3D tour software can also generate images that can be printed out by your patients, or be used by your facility as wayfinding signage.

atlas3D maps are yours to do with what you wish. Our 3D renderings are crisp, inviting, and easy to understand. Whether featured on traditional collateral or used on your website, our 3D maps make for attractive marketing materials at all levels and mediums.