Convention Center

As a convention center operator, you’re expected to do more than just book your venue. The people that attend your events are the lifeblood of commerce for your community, and businesses from hotels, restaurants, and airports to mom & pops rely on you too. The dollars spent by those event attendees helps bolster the businesses surrounding your venue, and they all counting on you to host a variety of high profile events to achieve annual growth.

Learn how to incorporate atlas3D into your convention center software, and distinguish yourself from the competition.

That’s why venue management is such a high stakes game. Your physical property is your greatest asset. Maintaining and updating to keep your venue competitive is just part of the equation. Highlighting those updates and sharing them with prospects can mean a windfall for your city. With repeat events so important to the stability of revenue for you and your community, winning that first time client that will rebook on an annual basis is a high priority.

atlas3D can be just the sales tool you need. Our convention center software creates a striking 3D rendering of your venue. We create a stunning online impression, support the entire sales process. Virtual tours and 3D maps let your meeting planners present your venue to prospects who can’t visit in person. MapSpacer provides a customized 3D experience that brings RFPs and presentations to life. Executives comparing multiple proposals can walk through your ballroom wearing VR goggles. After an on-site tour, prospects can even relive their tour and share it with others.

Mapspacer, our event floor plan software, can help event planners understand exactly how to make the most out of your space. Not only can clients walk through a room remotely, they have the power to modify it to suit their needs. Tables, chairs, projectors and kiosks can all be mapped out and configured to optimize space. They can view in 2D and 3D, make changes, reset and do it again until they’ve got exactly what they need for their event then seamless send a request for proposal.

Our event floor plan software combined with our 3D capabilities make the perfect combination of pizzazz and practicality. atlas3D not only showcases your facility in stunning form, it provides organizers and event planners with an effective way to make the most of every square inch forming true convention center software.