Concept3D is proud to help companies around the world build an immersive, engaging and useful digital presence. The mix of Colorado companies and institutions using our technology is a good representation of the variety of different ways immersive tech can be used, and how it applies to different industries.

Below outline the universities, convention centers, and data centers around the state of Colorado that are powering up with Concept3D’s immersive technology.

Colorado Convention Center

The Colorado Convention Center has mapped out all 584,000 square feet of meeting and event space with incredibly detailed 3D renderings. This allows event attendees, visitors, employees, exhibitors, vendors and meeting planners the ability to easily navigate the convention center and also find their way to and from nearby and regional locations.  

The map offers easy access to explore the center’s 63 learning rooms, 14-acre exhibition hall, one of Colorado’s largest ballrooms, the 5,000-seat Bellco theatre, 1,000 parking spaces, light rail station, the largest kitchen in Colorado, an outdoor farm and, of course, the iconic 40-foot-tall blue bear sculpture outside of the building. Restrooms, concession stands, and handicap accessible features are listed for users to easily navigate the large space.

View map here:


Colorado Mesa University

Colorado Mesa University has used Concept3D’s software to create an interactive map that allows prospective/current students, visitors, and staff to explore CMU’s main campus as well as the off-campus facilities.

Users can access detailed building information and get directions to any location on campus. The map also highlights CMU’s Bishop Campus, Montrose Campus, Whitewater Facility and South Facility. Each academic building and residence hall is accompanied with a photo of the physical building to help users navigate in real life.

View map here:


Flexential – Data Centers  

Flexential (formerly Peak 10 + ViaWest) is a Colorado-based company that has 41 data centers over 21 domestic and international markets where they help companies organize their IT transformation. With the immersive technology, Flexential can help create a positive user experience for its customers and also support their marketing and sales teams.

Flexential has used the Concept3D platform to showcase a powerful 3D video and VR experience of one of its most cutting-edge data centers, including a unique immersive section to learn about data centers through a game-like interface. The system was first introduced at the 2017 Operations Management & Data Center Conference in Las Vegas, where conference attendees lined up at the booth to put on the Oculus VR goggles and be transported to one of Flexential’s data centers, where they could tour the space as if they were there. This software can easily be repurposed for other events and tradeshows as well as a sales and marketing tool.


Colorado State University

Being one of the largest schools in the state, Colorado State University’s large interactive map is a great tool for its 33,000 current students, prospective students and alumni. CSU’s interactive map profiles hundreds of locations, including popular destinations, sustainability resources, on-campus construction projects, and more. The map includes four different tours that teach user’s  more about Fort Collins, CSU’s green practices and the Gregory Allicar Museum of Art.

Another way CSU has optimized their use of the Concept3D platform, is with the “Move-In Day” map layer. This map layer is emailed to all of the new students so they can easily navigate the campus and learn more information about on-campus happenings.

View map here:!ct/25059,20377,15365,13646,13645,13644,12106,9554,


University of Colorado Denver

The University of Colorado Denver replaced its outdated, 45-minute video tour of their campus with an interactive 3D campus map. The University’s map features a virtual walking tour, detailed photographs of notable campus buildings, descriptive text for a range of sites throughout the campus, and nearby attractions. CU Denver also has three different virtual tours that users can view, including a campus tour with an actual Student Ambassador and a tour of the campus’ surroundings.

View map here:


University of Colorado Boulder

The University of Colorado Boulder is another major university using the Concept3D platform. One unique feature of CU Boulder’s immersive map is the inclusion of an outdoor recreation feature. This option allows users to learn more about ski resorts, hiking spots, national parks and landmarks all across the state of Colorado. Colorado’s outdoor appeal is one that leads many students to choose to go to CU Boulder, so displaying these features is a strategic recruitment tool.

Additionally, the map layers can easily be modified and customized for communications and marketing needs of university admissions, athletics, facilities, alumni relations and other departments.

View map here:


Stapleton Denver – Development / Real Estate

In 1995 when the opening of Denver International Airport meant the closing of Stapleton International Airport,  Denver had the unique opportunity to transform 7.5 square miles of runways, concourses and terminals into a beautiful new community. It would be the largest urban in-fill redevelopment in the country and, to this day, one of the largest in-fill projects ever.

The building of Stapleton started as a collaborative effort by business leaders, civic officials and citizens who wanted to have a say in how Denver should grow. Stapleton Denver has used its Concept3D interactive map to highlight development options, housing for sale and under development, retail and business areas, parks and recreation, and much more.

View the Stapleton Denver map here:


Metropolitan State University of Denver

Located in the heart of Denver, it is very important for a city school like Metropolitan State to have a cohesive and user-friendly campus map. Using Concept 3D’s platform, MSU not only shows campus buildings, but it also features public transportation and dining options around campus.

Another feature that MSU has integrated is the use of 360-degree panorama photos showing particular areas of the urban campus, a great tool for prospective students and event planners to get a feel for on-campus life. Also due to the urban nature of the campus, MSU has all of its emergency services around campus clearly listed on the map to help ensure the safety of their students.

View map here:


University of Denver

The University of Denver uses Concept3D’s platform to create a user-friendly campus map for desktop or mobile. DU has a variety of different locations to choose from including, academic and administrative buildings, performance venues and public transportation around the city. DU even has all of their greek life houses listed with direct addresses on the map.

View map here:!ct/4939,0


Regis University

As a small Jesuit university among the the many large public colleges around the state, Regis University wants to stand out to potential students. Regis’ campus map is interactive and informative – allowing users to see its academic and administrative buildings, points of interest and other branch campus locations.

They offer three different virtual tours, including a tour of their health professionals, as Regis’ nursing program is one of the best in the country. They also have tours specific to the College of Contemporary Liberal Studies and Regis College as a whole.

View map here: