The production and development teams have been busy in the last few months, releasing several new features and 3D renderings. Hotspots for 360° Tour along with 360° video for 360° Tour and standardized 3D rendering interior types are the three highlights. 


Hotspots in 360° Tour allow clients to add interactive elements directly to each stop’s primary imagery. There are six types of Hotspots:

  • Image – Photo within the photo 
  • Video – YouTube or Vimeo 
  • Audio – Additional or targeted audio
  • Text – Descriptions and labels 
  • Hyperlink – Externally link
  • Navigational – Seamlessly move within the 360° Tour itself

Kansas State University Foundation was the first Concept3D client to incorporate Hotspots into their 360° Tour virtual tour


360° Video

Within Concept3D’s 360° Tour previously, the primary stop imagery could be either a static image or a panorama. Now a 360° video is an option adding another option and avenue to make 360° Tours more immersive and dynamic. 

Texas A&M University’s Virtual Tour of Aggieland shows off game day, key campus locations in motion, and what student life is like with 360° video.  

Interior Standards

Concept3D is known for our exterior renderings, but our interior renderings are just as good. Interiors though, have several more options for our clients depending on the level of detail and purpose of the interiors. If the interiors are using in marketing materials a higher level of detail might be necessary or alternately if the interiors are for accessibility then labeling is of greater need. Concept3D offers 2D interiors, basic 3D, and detailed 3D interiors all with the option to add furniture. This interactive map outlines our interior standards and types with examples of each. 

CU Boulder 2D interiors

Most recently, the University of Colorado Boulder added 2D interiors to their interactive map.

The Concpet3D  team is always working on something to make our interactive maps and virtual tours better, more immersive, and useful for our clients and their end-users.