Vantage Launches atlas3D Platform with Interactive Map, Virtual Reality Tour and Space Planning Technology to Support Data Center Sales and Marketing

 concept3D is excited to announce that Vantage Data Centers has launched the company’s atlas3D interactive map and virtual tour platform

Vantage is the first enterprise data center to launch the atlas3D platform complete with MapSpacer, a powerful tool for designing and demonstrating data center layouts, including 3D models, rack layout, and other equipment configurations, and Xplorer Virtual Tour, an immersive virtual tour system that allows prospective customers – from anywhere in the world – to experience the data center design and layout, including amenities, data halls and other aspects that the campus offer their clients. Together, Xplorer Virtual Tour and MapSpacer can be used to offer immersive tours of buildings that are still under construction.  

Take a 3D tour of Vantage’s Santa Clara facility, currently under construction:

“The data center industry is booming, and Vantage demonstrates how the application of atlas3D’s feature set can help data centers give prospects the information they need whenever and wherever they may need it,” said concept3D CEO, Gordon Boyes. “Vantage can fly customers through a 3D model built with MapSpacer, help secure an in-person visit with a virtual tour, and make it easy to respond to specific configurations with a custom 3D model developed in a matter of minutes.”

Vantage Data Centers has two growing campuses in Silicon Valley and one in Quincy, Washington, with a combined total of 57 megawatts (MW) of critical IT load. The company has an additional 93MW of expansion capacity under construction and in development in Santa Clara.

“Security, reliability, ease of management, flexibility, and ease of deployment are the most important factors for our customers, and the atlas3D platform makes it possible for us to share all of that virtually, before the new data centers are even completed,” said Steven Lim, Marketing Vice President for Vantage Data Centers. “Vantage is committed to exceptional customer service, and the technology developed by concept3D helps us work closely with potential clients, give them an incredible preview of the data center and offer a compelling way for them to explore the critical details of our facilities. These tools are important in helping our customers visualize and tour facilities long before the building is complete, and hopefully make decisions faster based on this amazing virtual technology.”

Read more about how the atlas3D and Xplorer Virtual Tour systems benefit data centers:

The video below shows an online visitor exploring Vantage’s under construction data center facility in Santa Clara, Calif.  The tour uses the Xplorer Virtual Tour system, which can easily be toggled in and out of VR mode.