College life is full of opportunities to engage, connect, and discover. Campus life is a crucial component of student growth and development, and campus events of every possible campus event category can ensure that what happens outside of the classroom leaves a lasting positive impact on the entire campus community.

University events in a range of classifications provide social connections and learning opportunities. They also offer ways for a diverse student body to explore interests.

From athletics to student organizations to visual arts to community information sessions, having a full and engaging event list is key to:

  • Attracting students interested in a varied selection of campus event category options
  • Keeping them engaged while they’re enrolled
  • Providing them with a clear tie to their community that lasts a lifetime as connected alumni

Here, you’ll explore the most popular event types. Then you can ensure you’re engaging the entire campus community and their wide variety of needs and interests.

Educational and Career Events

Students have made a substantial investment in their future by attending college. This campus event category is all about supporting that investment. Hosting educational and career events allows future-focused students to network, dive deeper into their academic disciplines, and find new interests. These certainly include big, annual events like career fairs as graduation nears. But don’t forget about smaller, ongoing events to help students hone soft skills and gain network connections throughout their time on campus.

These types of events in this campus event category are supplements to what happens in the classroom:

  • Workshops and Seminars: Whether you’re bringing in off-campus experts or leveraging the considerable skillset of your faculty and staff, running workshops and seminars is a great way to help students. They’ll build skills, get career guidance, learn about entrepreneurship, and enhance their academic experience.
  • Guest Lectures and Panels: High-profile thought leaders and experts in the field provide valuable insight and a reputation boost for the college. Including guest lectures and expert panels in the academic calendar brings the community together around meaningful discourse.
  • Career Fairs: Potential employers and students benefit from connecting. Career fairs are a great way to bring career and internship opportunities to campus. Timing these with the academic calendar to align with students’ graduation timelines can help provide the connections students need when they’re actively seeking them.

Social Events

The college social scene is a crucial component of student life. Students with meaningful social connections on their campuses are more likely to succeed academically and professionally. For many students, the people they meet in college will be a major part of their life. These opportunities to connect are also chances to meet spouses, friends, colleagues, and business partners.

Help encourage lifelong friendships, cultural connections, and philanthropic activities through an active social calendar. Consider:

  • Cultural Festivals: Highlight the diversity of your student body with cultural festivals that showcase art, music, food, and live performances. Whether students get involved through active participation in the event or by being spectators, they end up with an enriching experience.
  • Club Events: Student organizations bring together their groups through formal meetings, social gatherings, fundraisers, and more. Make sure it’s easy for these groups to add their events to the calendar and get the campus community involved.
  • Greek Life: Greek life has long been a part of the college tradition. These well-established organizations can bring exciting philanthropic and social events to the campus.
  • Alumni Events: Many people look back on their college experience fondly. They are excited by the chance to continue those connections beyond graduation. Include alumni social events on your calendar to keep these connections strong.

Arts and Entertainment

Whether they are looking for a way to showcase their own artistic talents or simply want to engage with entertainment and the arts, students love these events. Events centered around arts and entertainment can draw big crowds. But you can also have smaller, more intimate gatherings catering to a specific niche or interest. 

  • Concerts and Performances: Think big—and small. Host single performances from local artists, student open mic nights, and big-name concerts. Utilize a variety of venues to set the stage for acts of every size.
  • Theater and Film Showings: Whether it’s an official performance from the theater department, a small production put on by students, or a movie night aimed at sparking discussion, theater and film showings are a hit. Build up hype for these events through social media. Also, provide easy ticketing options so they draw a crowd.
  • Art Exhibitions: The visual arts departments can benefit from opportunities to display their work in both long-term exhibits and more focused events. Be sure to make space for student work as well as professional pieces.

Wellness and Recreation

Excited crowd attending an event in the sports campus event category

Your school’s athletics department will likely have its own robust set of events. But don’t forget to include wellness and recreation opportunities for the student body at large. Big games and tailgating meet-ups can create a sense of team spirit and bring the community out in full support. Meanwhile, smaller events allow students to engage in their own personal fitness and wellness activities while making friends and gaining confidence.

  • Varsity Events: Many colleges and universities have a robust athletics calendar that draws fans from the community and beyond. Your campus calendar should include game day tickets, tournaments, and fan events.
  • Club and Intramural Sports: Even those not involved in the highest level of athletics often look for opportunities to get athletically engaged. From intramural leagues to one-time fitness challenges, make sure your calendar has a wide range of sports events for students at all levels.
  • Wellness Workshops: Wellness should include non-competitive options such as yoga sessions, mental health workshops, and stress relief activities. Timing these with the academic calendar can provide students with added support during especially stressful times—like finals week!
  • Outdoor Adventures: Take advantage of your campus resources and the surrounding community. Consider organizing hikes, camping trips, and environmental awareness campaigns. Make sure to provide a variety of experiences to meet students’ comfort levels. Short hikes on paved trails and rugged backpacking experiences will draw different crowds. But both will be happy to find recreational activities that meet their needs.

Service and Volunteer Events

Students care about getting involved with their community and the issues that matter most. So providing service and volunteer opportunities gives students a meaningful way to channel their energy and make a positive impact.

  • Charity Drives: Partner with neighboring organizations to run charity drives that match the needs of the community at large.
  • Community Clean-Up: Get students out into the community with trash bags in hand. Community clean-up events are a great way to make a lasting impact that’s easy to see. These events build positive relationships between colleges and the community while giving students a chance to get off-campus and make a difference.
  • Volunteering Workshops: Connect students with organizations that share their values through volunteer workshops. This is also an excellent opportunity for leveraging local partnerships.

Special Events

Your campus life is unique to your institution. So, your special events should reflect that. Help students gain a sense of community identity with events designed to make them feel welcome, connected, and engaged.

  • Orientation and Welcome Week: New students should feel welcome from the moment they connect with the college. Move-in events, Orientation, and Welcome Week provide a chance to set them up for years of success and enjoyment.
  • Commencement Activities: Celebrate the huge accomplishment of your students and send them off to their new professional and personal adventures with exciting commencement activities. From the main event to smaller gatherings for specific departments, commencement should offer plenty of opportunities to get involved.
  • Annual Festivals: Establish your own signature campus events every year to help provide an ongoing sense of cohesion for alums and the community while providing current students a way to be part of the campus culture. This is also a great time to showcase school spirit, build activities centered around your mascot, and excite the entire campus community.

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