How can you efficiently spread event content across your entire website?

If you’re looking into centralizing your organization’s events calendar, or even if you already have a central calendar, a key question you need to ask is, “how can we efficiently spread event content across our entire website?”

While most organizations have a centralized content management system that can offer the ability to share and spread information easily and consistently, many overlook the benefits of having a centralized calendar beyond it serving as the main location for all event details. A centralized calendar should not just be a central location, but also allow for events to be curated and selectively shared across multiple landing pages on your organization’s website.

When using Localist Events, we call this functionality our “widget builder” and below we have outlined six ways a widget feature will ensure that your central calendar’s potential and reach is maximized.

1. Deploy once, update everywhere

Rather than manually trying to load an event on each calendar it is relevant to, simply entering it on your central calendar and setting it to display on the right widgets will save time and resources.

2. Display a snapshot of events on your homepage

Your website’s homepage will inherently be not just the most common first page a new user visits, but also the most visited by all users. With widgets you can take advantage of your homepage’s prime real estate and display the most important, popular or new events.

3. Share customized content across your website

If your organization’s website is full of landing pages for things like groups, departments or event categories then using widgets makes it possible for each sub-division to proudly showcase related events without forgoing centralization or saved time.

4. Increase event visibility

Adding complimenting widgets across your website multiplies your calendar’s reach and the amount of eyes that will see your events compared to if they were just simply located on your central calendar.

5. Increased traffic driven to calendar

Naturally, if your events visibility is multiplied then you’re giving your user’s more than one chance of learning about an event that interests them, which means more traffic will be drive to your calendar.

6. New revenue opportunity

Selling a sponsorship opportunity for a business to “provide” the content is the icing on top of the cake.‍
Make sure you get the most of it by using the right tools. Invest in what will give you the best return on investment.

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