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Your school’s grads have worked hard the past 4 years. Maybe it was 3, maybe it was 5, 6 or 7… but they’re getting ready to close the chapter on their current college careers. It’s an exciting time for schools, but it also means that your campus will be hosting the entire population of your senior class plus their families and maybe even a few others. It’s in the best interest of schools to make sure that their guests are able to navigate the campus with ease.

Between finding parking, attending the ceremony and finding someplace to celebrate afterward, interactive campus maps are the perfect solution for getting your campus ready and showing off a little in the process. Here are a few ways to make it all a success.

Add New, Event-Specific Campus Map Layers

For graduation, guests will need guidance on where to find parking, the best walking routes, event locations and dining spots. CampusBird’s interactive mapping software allows you to add specific layers for certain events, graduation in this case, that highlight areas of importance on days leading up to the event, as well as during and after the event itself. These specific layers can be toggled off quite easily – or automatically scheduled to disappear – once the day has passed. Going beyond graduation, the layer function can be applied to accommodate other events as well, such as game days, move-in and move-out days, orientation…the list goes on.

Use The Print Map Module for Hard Copies

In addition to providing guests with an updated online, mobile-friendly interactive map, offering physical maps is always a great option to exercise. The CampusBird Print Maps feature offers the ability to produce physical copies of your campus map, as well as to allow online visitors to print specific areas depending on their needs. For example, someone might just want to see how to get from parking to the graduation ceremony area. The Print Map module automatically does all the formatting, so you don’t need to waste any time or resources developing your own map to print and hand out. Develop a print ready map, and share the link to that in a specific page, email or other communications avenue. 

To learn more about how you can use the Print Map module- click here

Esri Technology Helps Behind The Scenes Too

Graduation requires much more work than simply ensuring that all of your guests end up in the right place. There’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes that the administration and facilities managers need to work on. Providing seating, cleaning up campus, coordinating the events and serving food all fall under the umbrella of what your school might need to facilitate. CampusBird integrates with Esri technology that will help facility managers and event planners use the features of an all-in-one interactive map that apply to their needs without being visible to guests. Esri technology can keep track of garbage pickup so you can stay ahead of any unsightly trash overflow. It can be used to coordinate the event by highlighting the walking path that your faculty and grads will take before receiving degrees, which will do wonders in preventing confusion come event-time.


To learn more about how CampusBird uses Esri technology to produce the most powerful campus maps – click here

Tie in Your Event Marketing with Localist Integration

CampusBird now integrates with Localist, an events marketing system used by schools like Colgate. Now, instead of pulling a plain old Google Map into your Localist event listings, you can embed specific areas from your CampusBird 3D interactive campus map. This makes it easier for guests to visualize the location and find their way around, and also makes your event marketing easier by driving everything through Localist. Guests can also explore the campus through the Localist-integrated 3D map, and see parking, off-campus amenities, etc.

Graduation is a perfect opportunity for a school to celebrate its students and ensure that its guests have a favorable experience during their visit. But it’s also an ideal time to put your campus on display.