3D Interactive Map

The secret to atlas3D’s 3D interactive map is layers. Our platform allows you to overlay information on the already existing digital map of your location. These layers are more than simply labeling rooms and locations. Though always good to have a layer pointing out ADA accessibility or Parking & Transit. The layers are the intricate 3D renderings that bring your location alive, data feeds with videos and live bus tracking, or the areas of construction. Each layer can be edited, turned on as needed then hidden in the background when it is not. Our platform allows you create, manage, and publish what you need displayed on your map.

From hospitals to stadiums to college campuses, our 3D interactive maps provide a wealth of information through the flexible functionality that is customizable to appeal to the varied needs of your clients and visitors. Everyone makes the most out of their time in your space, with very little effort from you. Don’t leave your opportunity to make a great first impression to chance. atlas3D provides a richness of information that instills confidence in your visitors, and makes you and your business shine.

Today we live in a world where every address is mapped and in the palm of your hand, but the fact is, we usually need more info than the average map can offer, and just getting to the address isn’t enough. This is where atlas3D comes in. atlas3D picks up where other mapping programs leave off, and provides precise maps in 3D, depicting your venue in striking and accurate detail.

Our design team will work with you to create a stunning interactive building map of your establishment, and once they’re created, you’ve got an editable map to build upon as needed. Trying to market your venue for weddings? Incorporate a VitalPath virtual tour to highlight all your amenities for incoming brides. Just built a brand new physical therapy wing in your hospital provide a 360-degree photosphere. You can make your own map according to your needs, and you can even repurpose the images for wayfinding signage, use the map in printed collateral, or any other marketing needs.

Despite being the next generation of digital mapping atlas3D’s 3D interactive map can be used by digital novices. There is even multiple print functionalities for those who want an offline option. A user can create a map with pins, a custom layer for on-site wayfinding, then print it before their arrival. The 3D renderings make the map inviting and realistic to create a straightforward experience for visitors at all levels.

Free 3D Sample Map

Map 3D Model